Lorde - Royals

Dajigga - Loyal - (lorde royal refix) Mp3 [3:20]
GCLEF - ROYALS (Lorde) LIVE Mp3 [3:22]
♈ [Cover] Royals - Lorde (Acoustic) [Fréquence 3 Contest Winner] Mp3 [3:21]
Lorde - Royals (Yinyues Remix) Mp3 [3:43]
Lorde%20%20%20Royals%20%5BW%20Lyrics%5D%5BSubtitul Mp3 [3:28]
Lorde - Royals (US Version) Mp3 [3:21]
Lorde vs Pinch & Moving Ninja - False Royals Mp3 [5:23]
Lorde 2Pac Beck Mashup - Pomplamoose Mp3 [4:13]
Royals vs. Roar (Mashup) - Lorde & Katy Perry - earlvin14 Mp3 [3:56]
Royals - Lorde Cover by Tanner Patrick Mp3 [3:21]
Lorde - Royals Lyrics Mp3 [2:41]
Royals Parody DELETED by Lorde's Publishers - Help Me Get it Back Mp3 [2:13]
Royals - Lorde (Official Video Cover by Kina Grannis ft. Fresh Big Mouf) on iTunes Mp3 [4:00]
Royals - Lorde - Cover - Ali Brustofski, Savannah Outen, Andrew Garcia, Caitlin Hart & Josh Golden Mp3 [3:20]
"Royals" by Lorde, cover by CIMORELLI! Mp3 [8:53]
ROYALS - Lorde (Alyssa Bernal Cover) Mp3 [3:02]
Paradise Fears - Royals/Team (Lorde cover w/ Original Verse) Mp3 [3:44]
Royals- Lorde Mp3 [3:11]
Royals // Lorde // Cover by Andie Mp3 [5:45]

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